The V-4 system's total diaphragm surface, made up of 4 woofers, produces a very rich low frequency range, and the precisely calculated mounting angle cancels horizontal image shift.
The image created by the positioning of the 4 woofers and the high frequency unit doesn't shift, regardless of the listening position. (patent applied for)

Our highly regarded RH-3 + TD4001R unit is used for the mid to high frequency range. Our improved phase tuning technique has made the horn system even more attractive. The crossover frequency is very low at 420Hz. The speaker cabinet design for the Warp series has a W-shaped baffle and is designed in the Mesa style, which eliminates opposing surfaces. Carbotrap is used inside the speaker cabinet to help produce its natural sound. Carbotrap is 100% carbon fibre, sound-absorbent material. Since the material is electrically conductive, it also helps to maximise the effect of the TSS(Total Sleeve System), which
shields the whole speaker system.

Kinoshita Monitor is famous for its 2-way system with high level crossover and precisely matched pair systems. The simple design and perfect phase matching are essential components in the creation of such a high quality of sound, which breathes life into the music.
The music sounds so real, you feel as if you could reach out and touch it. Experience its infinite space. The Warp series will carry you to a different dimension.

The Great Studio of The WorldF AVATAR STUDIO-B, New York
@@WARP-1 & KM1V @1999

Freq. Range (Hz) 30~20k 26~20k 20~20k
Impedance (ƒΆ) 6 4 4
Max Input (W) 500 1000 1000
Sensitivity (dB SPL/m/W) 96 100 100
MaxSPL (dBSPL) 123 130 130
Woofer Units 21cm 31cm 31cm
Hi-Level X-Over WX-1 WX-5 WX-7
X-Over Freq.(Hz) 420 420 420
Weight (kg) 110 200 250

š™ Vertical Twin and V-4 by Rey Audio ™š
The unique vertical twin design was originally created by Rey Audio for Dolphin Studios in Hawaii in 1984. Many manufacturers have copied that particular layout and it has become one of the standards in monitor design. Two woofer units are aligned vertically with a tweeter positioned inbetween. The sound image produced by two woofer units is positioned exactly where the high frequency unit is, thus creating the coaxial effect that widens the listening area without sacrificing precise image positioning, reducing any bad effects from the ceiling or floor of a room.

Rey Audio, as the creator of the system, has constantly updated and improved its design since its introduction, unlike look- alike systems produced by other manufacturers. The construction inside the speaker cabinet and the ports is symmetrical, vertically and horizontally. We use highly specialized techniques to minimize standing waves and calculate the best crossover frequency for the vertical twin layout, and so on. This "know- how" cannot be imitated by others.

We have now completed our new design and we are proud to introduce "V-4 Monitors".
We have succeeded in eliminating image shift in a horizontal direction by crossing the directionality of the horizontally positioned units, producing a superb steady sound image from the quad woofer layout, as with our vertical twin design.
The new design with reduced cabinet height has given the sound image even more clarity and allows freedom of the speaker setting in the room. The reality and the depth are there for you to enjoy. Hear the difference for yourself when you listen to music through the Warp series.

The image created by a conventional monitor with two horizontally
placed woofer doesn't stay in one position and becomes unsteady.

V-4 Monitor
The V-4 image stays in the same position, maintained by distance and directionality.
Combined in a vertical layout, it creates a pin-sharp, stereophonic

Operation principal of V-4 Monitor (image shift)

The Great Studio of The WorldF
avex-AZABU, Tokyo
WARP-5, HQS4200UPM,@2000

The Great Studi of The WorldF
AVATAR-D, New York
WARP-7, KM1V, HQS4200UPM,@1999